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After a creatively fulfilling decade of work together, we have made the decision to embark on the next step of our journey as teachers. We have decided to establish two, new, distinctly individual studios to help further your creative journey as artists.


Donna will continue to work with you to make the transition from training to employment as actors in the entertainment industry, by getting on camera experience as well the experience of having your performance guided by respected veteran directors. She will also continue to train young actors starting their careers, using her years of training in Meisner Technique and her 30 plus years experience as a Casting Director and Teacher.


Deb will continue to work with you on in-­‐depth script analysis, technique, voice and body work, and an overall holistic approach to the craft of acting. In her new studio, she will be concentrating on the actors’ mindset as well, tying together all the elements of training into a comprehensive exploration of your work, especially as it applies to real world application.

Please visit our respective websites for more information: THE AQUILA STUDIO




We hope to see you in 2019. We would like to be an integral, supportive part of your creative journey.

Here’s to telling “emotional stories” in the New Year and beyond. We need them more than ever! With love and gratitude,

Deb Aquila and Donna Morong


As we are an educational institution, the use of the studio and faculty’s names and likenesses for any professional or personal purposes without our permission is strictly prohibited.