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I would like to take class. How do I get started?

Auditions are required for admission to the Studio, placement within classes, and are by appointment only. To register for an audition click here.


What does the audition entail?

The audition consists of a one-two minute monologue of your choice (no Shakespeare, please), followed by time to chat and ask/answer questions.


Can I audit a class?

Yes. We allow one free audit of any class one time. Just take a look at the specific class dates on their corresponding page and register with the date you’re interested in and we will try to arrange it for you. Not all classes accept auditors, and those that do limit the number of auditors in a given class. You must request an audit at least 5 days in advance.


Am I allowed to participate in the class when I audit?

No, you are not. Out of respect for the actors currently enrolled in the class, and their process, auditors are asked to observe, not participate.


Are your classes month-to-month?

Our classes run in sessions from 4 to 10 weeks depending upon the class. You must commit to participate in the full session. Session dates are usually announced one-to-two months prior to the next session, and usually coincide with the seasons (i.e., Winter Session, Spring Session, etc.)


What is the typical class size?

Class sizes are kept small to allow each student plenty of time to work.  Specific class size depends on the class.  Voice and Speech classes are no more than 8 students and the remainder of the classes are generally limited to 10 – 25 students.


What happens if I have to miss class for an audition or acting work?

Attendance is expected in every class. Should you have an audition or acting conflict that will have you run late to class, or require you to leave early, you must notify your instructor and class T.A. promptly. Should you miss more than two classes in a given session, you may be dropped from the class.


Do you have to pay for class at once, or do you have payment plans?

Every class offers a payment plan that requires half tuition as a deposit, and the remaining balance at the first class. Should this be prohibitive, you can correspond with the Studio Registrar to discuss other arrangements.


Are there discounts if I take more than one class at a time?

Yes, if you take more than one class concurrently in a given session, you may receive 10% off your total balance.


Is private coaching available?

Yes, both Deborah Aquila and Donna Morong offer private coaching.  For more information click here.


Our courses/intensives are a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. When the course/intensive is over, the instructor teaching this course/intensive will not be taking home, nor be given access to your headshot, resume, or any of your other promotional materials.

As we are an educational institution, the use of the studio and faculty’s names and likenesses for any professional or personal purposes without our permission is strictly prohibited.